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Salkantay - Ancascocha 8 days / 7 nights

This outstanding trek takes us through the Cordillera Vilcabamba, a range which juts out of the lowlands and has glaciers feeding the Amazon. During this breathtaking journey, we cross two high mountain passes, traverse beautiful green valleys, and camp next to brilliant glacial lakes in the Andean cloud forest. This is a great opportunity to explore remote trails free from tourist traffic and full of unforgettable scenery. Throughout the trek, we enjoy a stunning panorama of snow-capped peaks, including the magnificent Mount Salcantay (6,270 m.). We will also explore ancient Inca archeological remains and appreciate a wide variety of flower and bird species. Our final day brings us to the legendary Inca town of Ollantaytambo, from where an optional extension to Machu Picchu can be taken.




DAY 1.- Cusco / Mollepata


Leaving Cusco early in the morning, we take a scenic drive of approximately 4 hours to the small village of Mollepata, located high above the Apurimac River. We camp our first night at a nearby farming area called Marco Casa to rest and acclimatize before beginning our trek. Here, we also meet up with the mules, horses, and arrieros (wranglers) that will carry our gear during the trip.

DAY 2.- Mollepata / Soraypampa


Today we begin our gentle hike into the Cordillera Vilcabamba. From above the green river valley, we hike steadily upwards to the high plateau. Along the way, we get our first incredible view of Huamantay (5917 m.). As we approach our campsite at Soraypampa, the enormous Salcantay peak (6270m. and the highest in the Vilcabamba range) dominates our skyline.


DAY 3.- Soraypampa / Acobamba


Our day begins with a steep climb up to the Incachilaska pass (4,870 m.), from where we enjoy fantastic views of the surrounding range. Descending through a deep corridor, we arrive to a small, flat valley where we camp in front of Mount Palkay.




DAY 4.- Acobamba / Paucarcancha


Acobamba to Paucarcancha - As we continue walking, the valley opens to puna grassland through which we make another gradual descent. We pass through the community of Pampa Cahua, where the local people still farm their potato crops in the same fashion and with the same tools as in Pre-Columbian times. The vegetation becomes greener as we continue down to the Inca site of Paucarcancha. Here we spend the afternoon exploring the ruins and resting for the night.

DAY 5.- Paucarcancha / Qesca (Keska)


Following an original Inca stone path, we spend the day gradually climbing up along a small stream surrounded by many beautiful flowers. We continue through a rural area where the treeline ends and the puna starts. We camp in a lovely highland area next to the flowing stream.




DAY 6.- Qesca / Ancascocha


Today we have a steep push up over the Ancascocha Pass (4650 m.), from where we descend following a switchback path. We make a stop by the beautiful Lake Ancascocha to enjoy the scenery and have lunch. From here we continue walking gently down to the community of Ancascocha where we camp for the night.




DAY 7.- Ancascocha / Ollantaytambo


Our final day is a lovely walk through a deep corridor, crossing several bridges above the Silke River. On the way down, we appreciate a wide variety of flower and bird species including orchids and hummingbirds. Our path opens into the Sacred Valley, where some of the best corn crops in the world grow. When we reach Chilca, our private vehicle will take us to Ollantaytambo to visit the incredible ruins and spend the night in a local inn.

DAY 8.- Ollantaytambo / Cusco (or Optional extension to Machu Picchu)


In the morning, we take a bus back to Cusco. Those wanting an extension trip to Machu Picchu will take a morning train to Aguas Calientes and spend the day visiting the amazing Inca remains with a professional guide. See further details below.



Departure : Everyday.

Included :
- Private transportation to head of trail.
- Professional, English-speaking guide and camp staff.
- Plentiful, nutritious meals (Vegetarian option available) where indicated.
- Double-occupancy tents and camping equipment (includes dining tent, kitchen tent, and latrine tent).
- Pack animals to carry personal gear and equipment.
- Entrance fee to Ollantaytambo archeological complex.
- Accommodation in Ollantaytambo.
- Bus from Chilca to Ollantaytambo and back to Cusco.

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights.

What you should bring :
- Backpack or duffle bag.
- Sleeping bag.
- Warm clothing / thermals.
- Insect repellent.
- Trekking shoes / wool socks.
- Water bottle.
- Rain gear.
- Day pack.
- Sunscreen and hat.
- Personal medical kit.
- Flashlight.
- Bathing suit and towel.


In order to deal with your reservation in a timely manner we require a deposit of 50% of the cost of the chosen program at the time of booking. [booking conditions]


Select your method of payment to reservation



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